Online Bachelors in Finance

Online Finance MBA

An online MBA is the ideal degree for a graduate student interested in a career in business management. This excellent distance degree is flexible in nature and provides students a comprehensive view of foundational business concepts. A finance specialization is the best choice for working professionals who want additional education to start a business or advance their career in the finance sector.

All types of organizations, government, non-profit, for-profit, private, public, large, and small, need capable and well-trained professionals who can manage their various financial needs, and that is exactly what an online MBA with a finance specialization provides. Students within programs like this one are trained in how to maneuver through complex regulations, work with financial instruments, and oversee a corporation’s finances.

Not long ago, graduate students had a tough decision to make; they could move to another city or state to enroll in their ideal MBA program, settle for a more-convenient yet ill-fitting degree offered at a local college or university, or delay enrolling in a program all-together because of professional or personal scheduling restraints. Those days are now over as more and more online MBA programs in finance are becoming popular across the country in some of the best-accredited business schools. These programs allow students to set the pace for their course delivery and work to offer flexibility every step of the way.

What will an online MBA in finance entail?

Business schools across America offer many different experiences for students seeking a degree like the online MBA with a finance specialization. Some offer accelerated coursework with classes set in seven and a half or eight-week terms. Programs like this sometimes allow students to take courses as full-time distance learners, and others give the option of a hybrid experience with a mix of online and on-campus classes. Imagine graduating with a fully-accredited online MBA in finance in just 10 months!

Most business graduate students choose a slower experience, which allows space for existing work and personal obligations. The typical timeframe for most graduate students in business will be between two and three years to complete a degree. This part-time format allows students to take one course at a time and use evenings and weekends to work through assignments, papers, and group projects.

Even though a distance degree in finance might mean a 100% online experience, many business schools prioritize networking in their programs. Technology has come a long way in business and education so students can meet with professors, enjoy live chat rooms, and video conferencing throughout their experience in graduate school. The relationships that graduate degree students make throughout their education often remain for the rest of their lives. It is important to remember that students should remain proactive in meeting with fellow students and program instructors to get the most out of this time in higher education.

The curriculum designed around the online MBA in finance will cover topics like leadership, marketing, analytical skills, problem-solving, quality communication, and quantitative subjects like economics, accounting, and finance. The finance-focused courses within the program will cover topics like financial modeling, advanced portfolio management, mergers and acquisitions, and derivatives. Curious if an online MBA in finance is considered just as good as it’s traditional classroom-based counterpart? A 2018 study showed that 85% of students polled believed that their online educational experience was as good or even better than their classroom experience.

What books should I be reading about finance?

The curriculum students are exposed to within an online MBA in finance is typically heavy in high-quality content for business management. It is always a good idea to supplement one’s course study with books that speak into solid financial practices. Students can also ask professors and fellow students what they are currently reading and what titles have influenced them over the years.

One classic title in the world of finance is Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor: The Definitive Book on Value Investing. Throughout this classic book on economics and finance, the author reveals principles that are time-tested and have proven to be solid business gold. Originally published in 1949, the title has had numerous updates over the years to stay current and remain a good read for the modern business leader. Even though Benjamin Graham passed away in 1976, top notch financial writers like Jason Zweig have taken up the mantle to keep this title as a must read for students pursuing an online MBA in finance.

What would it look like to peer into the mind of one of the most successful money managers of our time and learn from their mistakes and successes? An excellent book entitled The Alchemy of Finance by George Soros gives us that opportunity. Soros made a name for himself as a famous hedge fund manager and is well-known for his practical and theoretical insight on the world of finance. The author’s ability to explain his innovative investment style offers readers a chance to consider how the market may work for them.

The final resource every student considering an online MBA in finance should add to her library is The Nature of Investing: Resilient Investment Strategies Through Biomimicry by Katherine Collins. Throughout this excellent book, Collins challenges the reader’s very definition of what an “investment” is and shares ways that the modern investment process needs to transform to stay healthy. The author draws on over twenty years as a successful business leader and influencer in the world of finance. Topics like high-frequency trading, the creation of funds, and securitization products are presented within this book.

What kind of careers will an online MBA in Finance prepare me for?

Business professionals may reach a point in their career when they realize a better education will serve them well. While there are excellent undergraduate programs in business and finance that act as introductory degrees, they may find that a bachelor’s degree can only get them so far. This is when a program like an online MBA with a finance specialization can become so valuable. This business degree is an ideal fit for the working professional who has accumulated several years of professional work experience and has the margin to invest further in his career.

The topics covered within an online MBA in finance will better equip someone in a management position. One of the greatest reasons to pursue an online MBA is the chance to apply concepts learned in the classroom to the boardroom and beyond in real-time. Students do not have to wait until graduation to use their degree; they will have plenty of opportunities to see how their coursework and case studies relate to aspects of business that they are immersed in on a daily basis.

Accounting managers, financial analysts, credit managers and specialists, chief financial officers, management consultants, certified financial planners, and financial risk managers across the country have found that a degree like the online MBA in finance has given them the tools they need for a successful career in finance.