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Online degrees in transportation can help graduates learn more about the foundations of logistics including inventory control, purchasing, warehousing and related subjects. With this knowledge, graduates from accredited transportation degree programs can stand out over competition in the job market. Logistics is the most common major for transportation majors but there are also a variety of degrees they include specialties such as international transportation or a hybrid transportation degree that results in a bachelors an MBA designation.

Understanding transportation systems demands skills in management information systems, logistics, international freight and operations management. Learn more about how to get started in this dynamic field.  

What Can You Do with a Transportation Degree?

Careers in logistics and transportation require specific knowledge and skill sets, not all of which can be learned on the job. Having a formal education can help students who work in the field move up within their industry. Taking courses online can provide numerous options for those with families and jobs that they have to manage in addition to their schoolwork.

When students become logistics or transportation majors, they can choose from various specializations such as operations, analysis or distribution. Careers in transportation and logistics typically include a fast-paced environment where employees that demonstrate initiative can move up quickly. Entry-level positions for transportation majors may include internships or job shadowing to help graduates learn the ropes quickly. These degrees are highly coveted by perspective hiring managers in shipping, aviation, trucking, railroads and similar transportation powerhouses. Careers in transportation management include systems managers, shipping supervisors, dispatchers and traffic managers.

Careers in the transportation industry often follow from accredited coursework that results in an associates or bachelor’s degree. Careers in transportation technology require basic understanding of computer science, applications, math and statistics.

Careers in logistics and transportation require quick-thinking, agile minds that can quickly solve problems involving numbers and logic.

Careers in transportation and logistics include the following specializations:

Transport or products

  • Economics
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Accounting
  • Packaging
  • Distribution

Careers in transportation management Can lead to jobs in a variety of industries including medical, manufacturing, shipping and e-Commerce. Those who want to pursue careers in the transportation industry need to understand the inner workings of transportation and logistics in a computerized, automated market. Careers in transportation technology may require programming skills, natural language, and machine learning among other technical specialties.

With most businesses selling products rather than services, understanding transportation and shipping starts with a formal education at the associates, bachelors or higher levels. To learn more about the types of degrees available online and in traditional classes, keep reading the following sections. We also cover certifications that can help you further your career as well as scholarships that can help you pay for school.

Most Popular Schools with Online Transportation Degree Programs

Transportation and Material Moving Career Options

According to the BLS, employment in transportation and material moving occupations is projected to grow 3 percent from 2019 to 2029, about as fast as the average for all occupations, and add about 448,900 jobs.

The median annual wage for transportation and material moving occupations was $32,440 in May 2019, below the median for all occupations of $39,810.

OccupationEntry-Level Education2019 Median Pay
Air Traffic ControllersAssociate’s degree$122,990
Airline and Commercial PilotsBachelor’s Degree and civilian flight schools$121,430
Delivery Truck Drivers and Driver/Sales WorkersHigh school diploma or equivalent$32,020
Flight AttendantsHigh school diploma or equivalent$56,640
Hand Laborers and Material MoversNo formal educational credential$28,710
Heavy and Tractor-trailer Truck DriversPostsecondary non-degree award$45,260
Material Moving Machine OperatorsHigh school diploma or equivalent$36,770
Passenger Vehicle DriversHigh school diploma or equivalent$33,300
Railroad WorkersHigh school diploma or equivalent$65,020
Water Transportation WorkersHigh school diploma or equivalent$57,330
BLS, 2021

Most Affordable Online Transportation Degree Programs

Degree Types: Associates, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral

While there are many pros and cons to both an online and in person educational setting, many students prefer online degrees that give them the flexibility of when to study and what courses to take. Many students have their own businesses, manage their family obligations and contribute to their community. In order to obtain maximum flexibility and the highest quality education, many students are now opting to obtain their degree online.

Online education gives students unprecedented flexibility to study completely online or to choose hybrid courses that include both in class and online options. Learning platforms for higher education continue to improve and allow students to access study materials online in a safe, secure environment. Some courses are offered on flexible schedules of 5, 8, 10 or 15 weeks. Shorter periods tend to focus on one or two courses at a time and give students an option to take off time without losing half a year.

In addition to associate’s and bachelor’s programs, online coursework now includes many options for the master’s and doctoral levels. Including an MBA with a degree in transportation or logistics can help students fast track their baccalaureate and postgrad coursework. This allows graduates to get into the workforce faster or advance in their careers in supply chain management and similar fields.


An online associate degree in transportation provides transportation and logistics majors an opportunity to explore the field and determine whether it’s right for them. With an online associate degree in transportation, graduates can go on to entry level positions in the transportation industry or supply chain management. Some students go on to pursue bachelor’s degrees that accept transfer credits from accredited associate degree programs.

In many fields, an associate’s degree opens doors to fewer jobs than a bachelor’s or master’s degree. However, in the transportation industry many employees do not have and education above a high school diploma. Therefore, an associate’s degree can help candidates stand out among other job seekers.

Learn more about top schools available online at the bachelor’s and master’s level. Students can even earn their doctoral degree online.


Southern New Hampshire University offers transportation and logistics degrees online. In this program, students learn the fundamentals of operations management. SNHU’s online transportation and logistics degree also allows students to concentrate in logistics and transportation. This online degree in transportation and logistics is ideal for working professionals who want to move up in their career.

Military service members often pursue a transportation and logistics degree online To help them stand out during their time of service and transition into the workforce following their discharge.

Anyone interested in supply chain management and operations can benefit from a transportation management degree online. With an online bachelors degree in transportation, students can learn the necessary leadership skills to advance in their current jobs. Conveniently, a bachelor degree in transportation and logistics online doesn’t have to disrupt an upward career trajectory.

One disadvantage of traditional learning environments is that they require a full-time commitment from students. Transportation and logistics degrees online allow students a great deal of freedom. First, with an online transportation and logistics degree, students can attend part-time or full-time. Second, an online degree in transportation and logistics allows students to work around their jobs and family commitments without missing classes.

Getting a transportation and logistics degree online Stands out on a resume among candidates with no formal education following high school. Additionally, getting a transportation management degree online can help employees move up in their current positions. With an online bachelors degree in transportation, graduates learn important trans in the industry and can become more valuable assets to their employers. A bachelor degree in transportation and logistics online also prepares students for a master’s program.


An online master’s degree in transportation and logistics can help those with a business background transfer into the supply chain industry. Formal education in logistics and supply chain management can bring valuable skills to any employer.

With a master’s in transportation management online, graduates can switch to a dynamic field that involves bringing goods to homes or businesses. A masters in transportation engineering online Can come in handy for those working in industrial or manufacturing settings. An understanding of engineering concepts also enhances a student’s chances of getting positions in aviation and other industries that require precision.

With a master’s in transportation planning online, students master concepts that include supply chain management in factories, warehouses and retail locations. Learn how stores move goods from the factories to distribution centers or customers’ homes.

An online master’s degree in transportation management Require students to develop organizational planning skills that will help them run business operations. Successful graduates of an online masters transportation engineering program may focus on designing supply chain applications that make businesses run more smoothly.

An online masters degree in transportation and logistics produces graduates who understand the moving parts of industry. Keeping warehouses, vehicles and other infrastructure resources moving is easier with a Masters in transportation management online.

Masters in transportation engineering online Typically include courses ranging in nature from customers relationship management to fulfillment. In a masters in transportation planning online, for example, you may learn how to use software two make operations run more efficiently.

Top online masters degree in transportation management programs include the following:

  • Michigan State University  
  • Georgia College
  • University of Southern California  
  • University of Washington  
  • University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Learn more about accreditation for an online masters transportation engineering below.


Finding a nationally accredited online transportation degree can mean the difference between finding a great job or getting into your preferred school for postgrad education.

Colleges, universities, and programs are accredited at the regional and national level. The Department of Education Monitors 19 institutional organizations and 60 programmatic organizations that issue accreditations to eligible institutions.

The CHEA Database of Institutions and Programs Lists more than 8,200 institutions and many programs that have achieved various accreditations. When researching online universities, students should also consider the accreditations that come with a degree from their top picks.

Programmatic accreditation, such as that bestowed by CHEA-listed institutions, focuses on departments and programs with specific disciplines. These vary from accreditations that denote the academic merit and diversity offered by institutions. Colleges and universities that have a nationally accredited online transportation degree, Offer department’s, programs and coursework that provides a comprehensive education comfortable with similar programs in the United States.

For example, Bellevue University offers a nationally accredited online transportation degree program recognized by numerous accrediting boards. This includes the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE).

Both regionally and nationally accredited online transportation degree hold value for employers and colleges evaluating postgrad candidates.


Seeking a transportation and logistics certification can help students who are transferring from other disciplines gain a fundamental understanding of logistics and transportation. With a certificate in transportation planning, for example, graduates can seek jobs in supply change management and corporate environments. A transportation planning certificate can also help those who have been out of the workforce for a few years or longer get back into the swing of things. This could apply to parents who take time off to raise children or recover from an illness or injury.

There are many online, in-class and hybrid programs for certification in transportation and logistics. When reviewing which logistics and transportation certificate fits your needs, consider your specific career goals.

Logistics and transportation certificate programs include the following:

  • Transit Safety and Security Program (TSSP) Certificate: This organization administers TSSP protocols. The TSSP certification recognizes mastery of safety and security protocols in the rail and bus transportation sector.
  • The World Safety Organization, Inc. (WSO) Certification: Safety is a huge issue in transportation and logistics. Injuries can sideline workers, reduce productivity and increase the liability of business operations. This certification indicates basic competence of key safety factors for management and employees.
  • Aviation Safety Professional Certificate: This certificate in transportation planning Office 4 certificates die include the following:
    • Aviation Safety Officer (ASO)
    • Aviation Safety Investigator (ASI)
    • Advanced Aviation Safety Officer
    • Advanced Aviation Safety Investigator

A transportation planning certificate is a great way for ambitious employees to show their initiative. The Highway Traffic Safety Professional Certificate, for example, is offered by a governmental agency and can help those who want to break into government transportation departments and agencies.

Research the transportation planner certification programs available online in your area. Choosing a transportation management certificate with online classes can help students maintain their current job and schedule. However, some students may prefer classroom-based transportation and logistics certification programs. Whether students are looking for a certificate in transportation planning or certification in transportation and logistics, finding hte right program starts with determining future career goals.

A logistics and transportation certificate helps those transitioning to new careers keep up with the latest trends and technologies. With a transportation planner certification, employees can master and adapt new technologies to streamline their business operations and make their companies more efficient.

Choose the transportation management certificate that meets your needs.


While few scholarships are available for certifications, students can find thousands of online scholarships for degree-level programs available online. Most students choose several transportation scholarships to Improve their chances of getting the award. For example, students with experience in transportation design can apply for transportation design scholarships. There are also transportation engineering scholarships and women in transportation scholarship, as follows:

  • WTS-Minnesota High School Transportation
  • Union Pacific William E. Wimmer
  • Viceroy Auto Trans
  • Vincent and Catherine Sansalone
  • Women In Defense Scholarship 
  • Triangle Scholar-Leader
  • W.W. Allen Boys & Girls Club Program 
  • Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) Colorado Chapter
  • ZONTA Milwaukee

Transportation scholarships that apply to geographical regions or specific schools can help students gain an edge over open transportation design scholarships or transportation engineering scholarships. There are many women in transportation scholarship programs to give women an equal opportunity to complete their education.

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