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Choosing an Online MBA Program

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The best MBA programs in the USA can exist right in somebody’s own home state. Many people may feel like the best option for them is to seek MBA programs in other states or in places that aren’t close. In truth, choosing a public or state university MBA program can make far more sense and offer far more benefits to those seeking to obtain their Masters.

Many people who want their MBAs are adults with jobs, family, and obligations. Moving out of state for a year or more to pursue a degree can make dealing those things far more difficult in numerous ways.

Going out of state can mean higher tuition. Applicants may notice on college websites they will list pricing options that show both in-state and out-of-state tuition costs. In almost all cases, the out-of-state tuition will have a higher price tag.

Sometimes that higher price tag is several thousands of dollars more. Going out of state will come with additional costs as well. Consider that going out of state to live for any amount of time comes with numerous costs. Doing this to attend an MBA program comes with even more of those costs.

Another major consideration is the support system someone gives up when they go to another state. Applicants won’t see friends or family too often, and won’t have them to rely on as easily as they would if they were closer to home. This can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness which can strain someone’s mental health. This strain can make earning a degree exponentially more difficult for some people.

By contrast, when someone chooses to remain in their states, they can benefit from the lower tuition costs. In some cases, they can find financial programs, grants, loans, and scholarships strictly for residents or those pursuing a degree within the state. An applicant’s own place of employment may offer incentives, aid, or reimbursement to employees who choose to pursue higher education opportunities close by.

What Makes State Colleges and Public Universities a Good Investment?

State and public colleges typically have a high return on investment for people who live in their respective states. Outside of the fact that tuition costs for in-state universities are usually lower, these schools also have features that make them a good investment overall.

For example, applicants have a far higher chance of gaining admittance into a public university without an extreme amount of undue hassles and jumping through hoops. These schools also tend to have accreditation from the proper groups, which makes them just as viable as any other university in the country.

Many people believe public universities are generally subpar or that a state college can’t possibly compete with some of the bigger institutions elsewhere. In truth, the value of an education comes down to factors that many state and public schools have in abundance.

A state university MBA holds as much value as an MBA from anywhere else if it’s accredited. The top MBA programs by state may very well list several state colleges and public universities. If someone would look at the criteria that make a program one of the best MBA programs in the USA, they can likely match all the bullet points up with a state college or public university closer to home.

The big difference is those schools that are closer come with benefits that allow people to same money while still receiving the same level of education of others in more expensive schools. All these factors make state colleges and public universities an excellent investment.

Is MBA Accreditation Important?

When looking for the best MBA programs in the USA, applicants can search for things like the top MBA programs by state or look at public MBA program rankings or public university MBA rankings. From these results, they can look at what their state has to offer.

From those results, they can narrow the choices even further by looking for the accreditation status of the different options. MBA accreditation is incredibly important and not something anyone should ignore when choosing an MBA program.

The best MBA programs in the USA usually gain that status partially from their accredited status. State and public schools with regional accreditation are already a good choice. If the schools or programs also have accreditation for their MBA programs from one or more of the most recognized MBA accrediting groups, then those are the schools or programs worth considering.

Accreditation shows the program adheres to strict and high standards set by groups that create and ensure those standards fit the industry the program represents. An accredited degree from a well-recognized group has acceptance nationally and sometimes even internationally.

The best MBA programs in the USA will have accreditation from the AACSB, ACBSP, or the IACBE. Some other important accrediting groups exist as well.

Applicants should look them up if they’re not sure of the group’s standards or reputation. When looking at public MBA program rankings or public university MBA rankings, applicants can and should narrow the list first by the accredited status of the schools they see.

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Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?