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What Can I Do with an Associate's in Fire Science?

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You’re passionate, community oriented, and want to pursue a career or entry-level jobs in fire science. You have come to the right place. For many that are still searching for extra inspiration, we have a lot to say to you.  Pursuing an associate’s degree in fire science has the potential to excel individuals into a fulfilling career. The key to success in academic endeavors is understanding your options, and fully understanding what to expect once you commit to a major course of study. Fire science is no different, to begin with, an associate’s program is an inexpensive way to acquire in-depth knowledge of a desired career pathway. An associate’s degree also focuses on guiding first-time college students through required general education classes, which can be applied to multiple degrees if you find the degree pathway you choose no longer suits. The world, more now than ever, needs emergency and fire responders to combat the growing effect of climate change. Fire science will train professionals to be the first responders of such events as forest fires, wildfires, and natural disasters. 

Fire Science Career Outlook 

Unfortunately, the need for emergency responders is not on the decline, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and forest fires, and the looming threat of climate change, the need for fire prevention professionals have not decreased. In fact, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, firefighters see a projected growth of 6% between 2019 to 2029. This means the need for firefights is only going to increase. This need is also reflective of the locations in which firefighters are most desired, in high population areas. An associate’s degree in Fire Science will introduce the core knowledge required to qualify to advance to entry-level positions, based on each state and local agency requirements. Each department has state and local regulations for those seeking employment, this may include post-secondary certification and emergency medical technician certification. 

Online Associates Degree in Fire Science 

Studying online has become the go-to option for educational studies, as Covid-19 cases rise each day. Although we are confident that this will not become the only way to study, it is a safe way to continue pursuing career goals while we are living with limited mobility. Online accredited programs in fire science offer the same coursework as on-campus programs. Students determined to obtain entry-level jobs in fire science will find that online courses are flexible, informative, and convenient. Course work is delivered online through video conferencing platforms, email, and instructional video. Check-in with the state and local regulations to make sure the online program you choose will cover the requirements needed to sit for professional certification. 

Careers in Fire Science

An associate’s degree in fire science job can include positions as a firefighter, or emergency medical services (EMS). These first responder positions are necessary to every state, city, and town in the country.  Fire science associate’s degree jobs can also include fire inspector and fire investigator. These positions will require additional training, for consideration candidates will need to have at least an associate’s in fire science to qualify for an entry-level position. Fire investigators use training and science to determine how and why a fire occurred. These skills are necessary to fire prevention, regulation, and intervention. The field of fire science is highly competitive, to advance to a career in fire science individuals will benefit from an associate’s degree. Careers as public safety telecommunicators and fire alarm technicians can also be obtained. These positions are all necessary for the maintenance of fire stations. These are all entry-level positions that will require further in-house training, depending on the local or regional department. 

Advancement in Fire Science

There are several advancement opportunities in this vast discipline. An associate’s degree in fire science can lead to an advanced program such as a bachelor’s degree in fire science or even a Master’s program. Most associate’s programs will require students to complete general education coursework, as most associate’s programs are significantly less expensive than the first two years of a four-year university. Candidates can complete the required general education course work then transfer credits to a four-year institution. The coursework of an associate’s program will provide the concrete knowledge required to take on an advanced program that can lead to supervisor positions. The fire chief or fire marshal, these positions are leadership roles within the department. If transferring to a bachelor’s program is your trajectory consult with a school advisor to make sure the associate’s program you choose will be accepted by the four-year university of your choosing.


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Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?