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What Can I Do with a Bachelor's in Sus­tain­abil­i­ty?

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The field of sustainability is vast and expansive with so many corners and possible places to go within the myriad of disciplines related to conservation. Many people show up to what is called the “green economy” with a background in science, while others have more of a justice-oriented approach; this might include a degree in policy and maybe communications. There are so many places people can start. In fact, there really is no one size fits all degree that students can achieve to enter careers in sustainability. You will find that many such careers you can achieve without previous academic coursework under your belt, however, undergoing a bachelor’s degree prior to engaging in this field can open so many doors that would not otherwise be an option. Let’s look a little deeper. 

First off, generally, people find careers in sustainability because they are passionate about the earth and want to do something with their lives that feels meaningful. Once again, people can connect with this career from a number of directions. The general common theme, however, for those who show up to the green economy, is a drive to reverse global climate change. If you are someone who is interested in making a difference while engaging one of the fastest-growing fields, a bachelor’s degree in sustainability can be an amazing place to start. There are so many bachelor’s degree sustainability jobs out there, and we will take a look at some of the common ones here. According to payscale, the average salary for a bachelor’s in sustainability jobs is around $47,000. Remember, this is the average which means the salaries have quite a wide range. 

Bachelors in Sustainability Jobs

Air Quality Forecast

This position is perfect if you are someone who loves the weather. They work next to our favorite meteorologists. This professional uses their expertise to predict the air quality within specific states or municipalities. This is one of the bachelors in sustainability jobs that is imperative for monitoring the human impact on specific areas, especially as they relate to air and air quality. It is projected that air quality forecaster’s positions will increase by 9 percent between 2014 and 2024. There are several bachelor’s programs that will enable prospective air quality forecasters to be prepared for the workforce. Some examples include a bachelor’s of science programs in environmental science. Other good options are bachelors of science programs in sustainability. 

Sustainability Specialists

This is the perfect career path for students who know they want to play imperative roles at businesses at other organizations. They support the companies for which they work to make more sustainable, and therefore, economical choices. They often work on marketing, branding, as well as community and public outreach. They find ways to embed sustainability into all aspects of operations. Their job descriptions vary, but in many cases, they are responsible for the implementation of policies that are directly from state or federal laws and regulations.  The education requirements for this position generally include something similar to a bachelor of science in environmental sciences with specializations in something similar to geospatial technologies or natural resources and sustainability. 

Soil Conservation Technician

It is hard to understand how critical this career is for the future of the planet if you don’t have an awareness of the importance of soil for healthy food security and planetary wellness. A soil conservation technician is a position that is designed to protect healthy soil. They work to ensure land use is within the objectives of conservation. Those in this field generally work between an office, fieldwork, and labs. They are not required to have a degree beyond a bachelor’s in science in environmental sciences or a similar pathway. One of the amazing aspects of this discipline is the fact that it is quite lucrative, especially without needing an advanced degree. In fact, you can make something in line with a six-figure salary as a soil conservation technician. 


Aquarists are the professionals that take care of the marine animals at aquariums. They are responsible for maintaining the living environments of the animals and engaging with them. Their salaries are not exponential, but generally, people find this job because they have a passion for working with marine life. Another exciting aspect of this position is that it is expected to grow 15 percent within the decade. Generally, successful candidates in this field have a bachelor’s degree in zoology, marine biology, or a similar field. In most cases, successful candidates have internship experience under their bests as well as their scuba diving certifications. 


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Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?