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The Business Department at York College houses one of the most extensive academic programs at York College. Currently, it enjoys the IACBE “Candidate for Accreditation” status. Students whose post-grad goals include graduate school or entering the professional world can rest assured they will begin their chosen field confident and competent in their skills and ability. Faculty members at Levitt prepare students for successful careers in business. They are committed to introducing students to the reasoning, critical thinking, interpersonal communication, and problem-solving abilities needed to succeed in business.


The Elijah A. Levitt School of Business provides programs in Business Administration, Accounting, Agribusiness, Business Management, and Sports Management. Instructors challenge undergraduate and graduate students to assume their place as citizens and leaders in their community so that they can better process ethical questions they may face. Faith and learning are integrated throughout the coursework to prepare students for life–not just their professions.

Student Life

Students can get involved at York College and in the surrounding community through Professional Business Leaders student business organization. Professional Business Leaders has been dedicated to developing and inspiring the next generation of leaders by preparing its members for careers in business and business-related fields. The organization offers a breadth of activities that promote professional and personal skills, including robust career development programs, workshops, business tours, and more.

York students interested in building a portfolio of documented accomplishments before entering the job market will be excited to see how the PBL can complement their academic experience and give them an edge in their future careers. During a job interview, members can point to the leadership positions they held for the largest collegiate business student organization on the planet and how they are ready to succeed with the career readiness and professional development they received. Candidates interested in developing their leadership, communication, and professional skills will find that PBL is the right choice.

Online Programs

York’s online Bachelor’s in Business Administration features courses like Business Ethics, Principles of Macro-Economics, Computer Software Applications, Business Law, and Financial Management. This degree can result in successful professions such as roles in general administration, banking, public administration and management, consulting, retail management, human resources, and public relations.

The Levitt School of Business online Master of Arts in Organizational and Global Leadership was designed for leaders in diverse settings, such as business, sports management/coaches, healthcare, nonprofits, churches, agricultural technology and biotech industry, schools, and criminal justice/law enforcement. Anyone who desires to develop their leadership skills within their organization will benefit from this distance degree. Students from all academic fields will be able to apply class concepts to their unique areas of leadership growth and development. This 12-course program consists of 36 hours. Graduate students may choose to complete the program in 12 months or take longer depending upon their goals and needs.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?