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The Porter B. Byrum School of Business at Wingate University is on mission to create a vibrant learning atmosphere that results in relevant job opportunities for students after graduation. The business school emphasizes the use of resources that help to enhance the learning process. These tools include an ACBSP-certified Accounting Lab that helps to teach students how to use Morningstar Investment Research Center, Capital IQ, and CRSP resources. Students also have access to ongoing learning opportunities through intentional student-teacher interactions, experiential, hands-on learning through projects and case studies, immersive class presentations and projects, and academic research and internships.


The business school provides undergraduate degrees in Accounting, Marketing, Chemistry and Business, Finance, and Management. The chemistry-business major offers students two different ways to reach their goals. Thirty-one hours gives them a solid foundation in chemistry. Students then have the choice of two tracks: Management/Marketing or Accounting. The Finance major focuses on the three areas of accounting, finance, and economics. Wingate’s management program is based on a core business curriculum. Undergraduate students learn principles of marketing, accounting, business, finance, and economics, in addition to management. When students graduate, they have a thorough knowledge of how to make institutions work efficiently and effectively.

The marketing program at Wingate University involves students in hands-on experiential learning, critical thinking, and real-life case studies from actual companies that need real-time attention. Marketing majors can intern with local for-profit and nonprofit organizations where they can manage social media accounts and create digital marketing crusades and marketing campaigns.

Offered as one of two graduate programs at the University, Wingate University’s Master of Accounting is located at Wingate’s Ballantyne Campus in the middle of south Charlotte at Ballantyne Corporate Park. The MAC Program has been equipping Charlotte-area professionals for ten years. Part- and full-time courses are available, with classes held during weekday evenings in a cohort model that starts each fall semester.

The nationally recognized Charlotte MBA program has been building the careers of Charlotte, NC professionals since the early 1990s. The part-time, evening MBA program is offered at Wingate University’s Ballantyne Campus. Consisting of 36 credits, the curriculum includes 12 three-credit courses. It is divided into core courses (30 credits) and specialization courses (6 credits).

Student Life

There are over 100 student clubs and organizations on the Wingate University campus. One such organization is the National Society of Leadership and Success. It is the most significant leadership honor society in the nation. The NSLS’s mission is to make better leaders for a better world. The Wingate University Investment Club also meets on the school campus.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?