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The Ancell School of Business at Western Connecticut State University is committed to transforming undergraduate and graduate business students into professionals in business who are well-equipped for the challenges presented by employers and customers in local service regions and throughout the global economy. The Ancell School offers students a personalized and affordable learning environment from Western Connecticut. The Ancell School promotes innovation, engagement, and impact in teaching, intellectual source sharing and service to business and professional organizations, and the community. The vision of the Ancell School of Business is to be recognized as a leader in undergraduate and graduate business education within Western Connecticut and the greater service region. The business school’s strategic plan outlines it’s measured and metered path to success.


Undergraduate degrees currently available to students include programs in Accounting, Cybersecurity, Finance, Justice and Law Administration, Management, Marketing, Management Information Systems. Program outcomes advertised by the business school include undergraduate students who will be shaped into compelling written and oral communicators. Bachelors students will also demonstrate a working knowledge of critical functional areas of organizations and should be competent in showing skills relevant to organizational decision making and problem-solving. The business school highly regards a global and ethical understanding as undergraduate degree holders are expected to demonstrate a working knowledge of the significant factors that directly influence organizations. While no one learns in a vacuum, the Ancell School of Business at Western Connecticut State University intends on students demonstrating group and team behaviors.

The business school also provides graduate students with a top-notch MBA program and a Master of Health Administration degree. Learning outcomes applicable to graduate students include demonstrating practical professional written communication abilities when analyzing cases, strategizing business plans, and communicating day-to-day functions. Graduates of the business school with an advanced degree should be proficient in demonstrating leadership competencies by identifying and describing leadership traits and by performing leadership behaviors in group assignments. Critical thinking skills through the use of assumptions, evaluation, and creating appropriate conclusions are also a priority for students of the Ancell School of Business. Graduate students should demonstrate a working knowledge of global business issues that directly influence decisions made by business organizations.

Student Life

The Ancell School of Business hosts active, vital clubs with lots of professional development and networking opportunities. Accounting Society, Finance Club, International Business Honors Society, Western Entrepreneurial Society, Justice and Law, Management Information Systems Club, and Alpha Phi Sigma.

Online Programs

While the Ancell School of Business does not currently offer a comprehensive online degree for undergraduate and graduate students, it does feature online courses available to students. The business school is working towards making its excellent MBA program into an online accessible degree for distance learners. Currently, courses in economics, finance, and leadership are available to students to supplement formal classroom education.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?