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“The objective of [the Walker business] program is to develop students into broadly educated business managers who understand the nature of business as a whole, with the tools and techniques applicable to a wide variety of business situations.” Webster University business students can expect small class sizes, many opportunities for connection with peers and professors, and an intensive and up to date education. The University implements the values of respect, diversity and inclusion, knowledge, potential, and global perspectives throughout their well-respected programs.


There are over 15 undergraduate business majors to choose from through the Walker School of Business and Technology. A few of the options available are Computer Science, Entrepreneurship, Management, and Mathematics. Students can also earn combined degrees in Accounting/Finance, Accounting/Forensic Accounting, or Joint MBA. Those looking to complete their master’s degrees have many choices, including a variety of programs within the Master’s of Arts, Master’s of Science, MBA, Master’s of Health Administration, and Master’s of Public Administration. The Walker EDGE program seeks to help students learn as they Explore, Develop, Grow, and Experience. The program provides students with additional guidance, internships, professional development opportunities, and more.

Student Life

Webster University students can participate in Learning Communities. This on-campus program encourages the formation of relationships by grouping students with similar majors in classes and living quarters. Extracurricular activities and mentorships are built into the program as well.

WebsterLEADS is a unique interactive program that encourages the development of leadership skills through a variety of activities, workshops, retreats, and more. The focus of the LEAD program is learning new skills, evolving as an individual, applying new concepts, developing leadership skills, and serving the global community. This certificate program stays with students throughout their time at the University and would look great on a new graduate’s resume. Each year Webster sponsors a campus-wide community service day called Webster Works Worldwide. The University partners with local agencies and non-profit organizations to work on a variety of projects such as tutoring, painting, gardening, or working with children and senior citizens.

Online Programs

The Walker School of Business and Technology allows graduate students to complete a Master’s of Business Administration on-campus, online, or in a hybrid format. The program is highly accredited by the ACBSP, and according to the University’s website, they have one of the highest graduate business enrollments in the nation. The Webster MBA attracts working professionals from a variety of fields due to its many areas of emphasis, specialized leadership and management training, and collaborative approach to learning. Areas of specialization include Corporate Finance, International Relations, Marketing, Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing Management, Environmental Management, Gerontology, Health Administration, Media Communications, and Project Management. There are also ten distinct MBA degree paths such as MBA/MHA, MBA/MS in Marketing, and MBA/MA of Procurement and Acquisitions Management.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?