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Deville School of Business at Walsh University is accredited by the AACSB and provides business education with Catholic principles in place. Deville offers many internships and experiential learning opportunities. Many students use these programs as a stepping stone to their first job, while others move right along into the MBA program after graduation, to further their education.


Deville School of Business currently offers Bachelors Degrees in Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, Sports Management, and Legal Studies. In addition to those, they have many certificate programs and an MBA program with three specialty choices including-Management, Healthcare Management, and Marketing.

One unique feature of Deville is their BA/MBA program, which is open to high school graduates and current Walsh University undergrads who want to pursue an MBA. The program allows students to simultaneously earn credit for their undergrad degree as well as their MBA. Students in the BA/MBA program have the advantage of direct admission into the MBA program without taking the GMAT or the MBA Prep Series courses, saving students both time and money.

Another special program offered is the Legal Studies major with the 3+3 program. This program allows students after completing three years of undergrad work to begin working on their Juris Doctorate at the same time and earn credit simultaneously. This program again saves students time and money and can allow students to finish both degrees in five to six years, as opposed to seven.

For students looking for a career in Finance, the 4+1 BA/MSM degree program may be a great option as it is another program that allows students to work on two degrees at the same time. Students in this program will finish both their BA and MSM degree in just five years.

Student Life

The Deville School of Business has a fantastic mentoring program that pairs students with a professional in the community to build a relationship and learn from. Pairings can last anywhere from six to twenty-four months. Upon graduating, all DeVille students complete at least one internship and build mentor relationships.

“The Garage” Innovative Center is available for new entrepreneurs to exercise their creativity. “The Garage” got its name because many big companies such as Amazon, Apple, Disney, Google, and Mattel all started in a garage and then because increasingly successful.

Sigma Beta Delta, the international honor society for business majors, is also present on the Walsh campus. It is a high honor to be offered membership, and members may be awarded scholarships, networking opportunities, and superior job opportunities.

Online Programs

The Deville School of Business knows that many adults are seeking to further their education while still working full time, and that is why they offer many of their degrees through their online platform. Bachelor’s degrees in Healthcare Administration, Accounting, Management, and Marketing, are all offered online with a fast-rack plan, as well as an MBA in Healthcare Management, Management, and Marketing, or an Executive MBA. A certificate in Healthcare Management is also offered online.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?