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AACSB, New England Commission of Higher Education

The University of Maine’s Maine Business School is comprised of the Undergraduate School of Business and the Graduate School of Business. It fosters honesty, respect, and honor. It provides opportunities for engagement, the development of crucial skills, collaborative experiences with businesses, impactful community service events, highly committed faculty, and advanced curriculum. Students are well prepared to enter into and be successful in a multitude of business careers due to the excellent education received at this AACSB-accredited Business School.     


Students pursuing a Bachelors degree can major in Accounting, Management, Finance, or Marketing. The undergraduate options of concentrated areas of study within their major are Entrepreneurship, MIS: Creative Design & New Media, International Business, and MIS: Programming. For graduate students, there is an affordable Master of Business Administration and an MBA in Accounting degrees. There is an accelerated, full-time, one-year MBA option as well. Dual degrees are offered in MaineMBA/Global Policy, MaineMBA/MSIS(Information Systems), and Juris Doctor/MBA.

The Regional Graduate Scholarship, the John M. Webber School of Business Scholarship, and the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship are just a few of the numerous scholarships available to financially assist graduate students in obtaining their degree. There are even Graduate Assistantships and Graduate Student Government Grants available as well that fund research. Faculty-led courses and trips to places like Columbia, England, Ireland, South Africa, Vietnam, The United Kingdom, and Sweden enhance the multicultural knowledge and experience of every student. For semester-long study abroad experiences, students can travel to England, Australia, Spain, Netherlands, Ecuador, Greece, New Zealand, Thailand, Spain, or Italy.  

Student Life

Student-run organizations exist to enhance the overall educational experience by providing ways to build relationships, gain hands-on learning experiences, and reach out to the community. Organizations designed for business students include the American Marketing Association, the Institute of Management Accountants, the Student Portfolio Investment Fund, Women in Business, the Maine Business School Ambassadors, and the Maine Business School Corps who focus on developing essential skills through assisting local nonprofit groups.

For advantageous career preparation and professional development, there is the Maine Business School Professional Development Center and the UMaine Career Center. Faculty Career Mentors are available for every student throughout their educational path and beyond. Also, alumni provide advice on interviewing, how to dress professionally, solving business problems in the workplace, and the importance of teamwork at the Experience Business Casually event. Business professionals share their wealth of knowledge and talk about internships and job opportunities at Firm Nights events. The Maine Business School Internship Coordinator personally helps students find quality business internships all around the country and offers career preparation assistance.

Online Programs

The Maine Business School has developed an AACSB-accredited, 100% online Master of Business Administration degree program. This helps people all over the world have access to this top-of-the-line education.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?