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Trident University International’s mission is to “provide an exceptional online educational experience for its students – diverse adult learners, including current and former members of the military family.” One of the ways that the University accomplishes this goal is by following the distinct EdActive Learning approach. This approach is utilized by the Jones College of Business and enhances the business learning experience by allowing students to actively engage in their courses through the steps of-being presented with a question or problem, researching, applying personal experience, presenting solutions, receiving feedback and suggestions, and applying what was learned to the next task. Through these activities, participants are able to gain a greater understanding of complex business situations and learn to problem solve at a higher level. 


The Jones College of Business includes Bachelor’s of Science degrees in Business Administration, Human Resource Management, or Leadership. Graduate programs include Master’s of Science in Human Resource Management or Leadership, MBA, Doctor of Business Administration, or Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration. All programs place an emphasis on critical analysis, practical solutions, and the development of a scholarly understanding of today’s businesses and organizations. Completing a college education can be an expensive endeavor. Trident offers a variety of scholarships and grants including the Military Success Scholarship, Trident Alumni Scholarship, Army Women’s Foundation, William Gainey Scholarship, Military Education Grant, and many more. 

Student Life

Student Success Advisors are available from 7 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday to help Trident students meet their educational goals. As soon as students are accepted into a program, they are assigned a personal advisor to contact with any questions. These advisors are trained and prepared to assist online students with anything they may need, including course and system navigation questions, program requirements, and general course questions. Advisors also give students guidance on course sequencing, smooth transitions into the online learning community, disability accommodations, and setting up supplemental support for academic struggles. The Virtual Center for Career Planning and Workforce Strategies gives students the tools needed to take their success to the next level with assistance in job searches, career transitions and planning, and self-assessment tools.

Online Programs

What sets Trident University International and their business school apart from other online programs is their level of academic excellence and commitment to student success. Respect, team effort, responsiveness, and individualized support are four pillars offered for optimal learning. The University is also acutely aware of the needs of adult learners and seeks to make all of its online programs as accessible as possible while still maintaining a high level of academic rigor. Programs like EdActive and highly trained faculty assist students in making their educational plans come to life.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?