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ACBSP, Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Thomas Edison State University’s School of Business & Management focuses entirely on the self-directed, self-motivated adult learner. In this diverse educational environment, students develop a global mindset while growing in their knowledge of relevant, challenging, innovative, and ethical business principles and practices. The ACBSP-accredited programs best prepare business students to create and add value, lead, and complement their firms and organizations as they advance in their careers.


As programs are wholly geared around the adult learner and their busy schedules, students find a high level of flexibility in the delivery of coursework and the completion of exams and projects. Undergraduate students can obtain a Bachelors in Business Administration in Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare Management, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources/Organizational Management, Operations Management, Computer Information Systems, General Management, or International Business. There is also a Bachelors in Professional Studies with a concentration in Interdisciplinary Knowledge. They can also financially benefit from the Thomas Eklund Endowed Scholarship and the Norma L. Horton Scholarship. Graduate students work hard to complete a Masters in Human Resources Management or Healthcare Management. They can apply for the Dr. George Pruitt Endowed Presidential Scholarship.

Student Life

There are several resources provided by the School of Business & Management that adult learners can tap into to aid in their educational process. Qualifying students can be invited to join the Sigma Beta Delta or Delta Mu Delta International Honor Societies. There are learning, and assessment opportunities and advisement in the right academic pathway for each student to best reach their career goals. The University has made and continues to develop partnerships with corporations that can provide excellent connections for students in networking, finding internships, and securing jobs. The University also helps provide HR professionals with educational programs through their partnership with the Society for Human Resource Management.

Online Programs

The best delivery format for a busy adult and working professional is the distance learning online format. TESU has achieved great success in creating interactive, fun, engaging, advanced online classes using the latest technologies. Undergraduates can earn an online Associates in Business Administration degree to lay the foundation for entry-level jobs or to step into a Bachelors degree. Other 100% online undergraduate degrees include the Bachelors in Organizational Leadership and Business Administration.

For those adults who have not earned the right prerequisites to begin an MBA program can participate in the Graduate Business Degree Preparatory Program and complete not-for-credit classes to qualify for the MBA program. Graduate students can complete an entirely online accelerated MBA with areas of study in Data Analytics, Accounting, Healthcare Management, Finance, Marketing, and Human Resource Management. They can also pursue an online Masters in Accounting or Management. Doctoral students can obtain a completely online Doctor of Business Administration degree with focus areas in Organizational Leadership, General Management, and Human Resource Management.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?