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The School of Business at Saint Martin’s University is committed to developing tomorrow’s leaders for the business world. The business school’s programs in accounting, economics, business administration, and the MBA offer all the skills needed to succeed in today’s ever-evolving society. Freshmen entering university now will most likely shift career focus five times in their professional careers. Many students will be working in fields that have yet to even be developed and invented. They can expect to routinely work with people from all corners of the globe. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, “All is flux and transformation, all things flow, and nothing abides.” This theory is true in the world of business as leaders are forced quickly to learn the lesson that education is a lifelong enterprise. The School of Business takes great pride in preparing its students for such a world.


Saint Martin’s School of Business features undergraduate and graduate degree programs. It is committed to preparing both undergraduates and graduates for the professional world. By providing a broad liberal arts background matched with a diverse and rigorous curriculum, students will enter the job market prepared to advance and be successful. Undergrads will find a major in Accounting, major in Business Administration, minor in Business Administration, and a minor in Economics. Business school leaders have designed the graduate programs for working professionals who are interested in gaining more expertise in their chosen fields of study. Business school graduate students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in extensive business programs that deal with the many functional areas of business and undergo concentrated learning in their chosen field. Degrees include a Master of Accountancy and Master of Business Administration.

Student Life

Students wanting to join a club or organization that addresses a particular initiative or interest, like service, diversity, or interfaith, will have many choices to consider. Undergraduate and graduate students interested in an organization that will focus on an academic area or intended profession will be pleased with the options. Saint Martin’s has many student opportunities, and if students do not see a club that matches their interest, they can always start one.

The Business Club centers on helping to prepare business students for future careers. Conferences, networking events, and resume workshops are all found in this club. The Business Club’s purpose is to help anyone interested in business gain experience. Circle K International is the largest student-led organization in the world. Circle K deals with the three main aspects of Service, Fellowship, and Leadership. Saint Martin’s University’s Circle K is active on the district and international levels. The Cybersecurity Club is a collection of Saint Martin’s students who are interested in the topic of network security and would like to pursue a career in Computer Science or Cybersecurity. There are many opportunities for club members to compete, attend conferences, and even take part in job interviews within the Cybersecurity industry.

Online Programs

Students in Saint Martin’s University-JBLM learning community have access to online classes that can fulfill Saint Martin’s degree requirements, meet professional criteria or other personal, educational goals, and transfer credit to another university or college. Online learners located in Washington and out of state can stay connected with their instructors and classmates using the School’s online learning environment, MOODLE. Courses in accounting and business administration are currently available online.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?