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The AACSB-accredited Mario J. Gabelli School of Business at Roger Williams University sets students up with the ability to navigate the evolving world of business and find great success in any business endeavor. Accomplished and dedicated faculty members share their academic prowess, and experiences with students through small class sizes and innovative programs. Gabelli provides top-of-the-line technology and prioritizes experiential learning opportunities so that students can quickly apply what they have learned and gain the experience that impresses employers.


Undergraduate students can major in Finance, Management, Economics, Marketing, Accounting, or International Business. They can add a minor area of focus in Arts Management, Business, Business Analytics, or eBusiness. Business-specific scholarships for undergraduate students include the Bailey Endowed Scholarship and the Ben N. Carr II Endowed Scholarship.

Gabelli graduate students have access to some types of scholarships and grants to help financially support their education. The Masters in Business Administration degree is designed for RWU undergraduates or undergraduates who have acquired an AACSB-accredited business degree and can be completed in one year. MBA students are required to complete an internship and a study abroad trip within the year. In partnership with the RWU School of Law, Gabelli offers a dual degree program where students can obtain a Juris Doctor and an MBA in just four years.

Undergraduate students can participate in an international trip that is either led by a faculty member for a short-term, a semester-long or take up an entire academic year. MBA students take their international trip during spring break. Students study business places like New Zealand, Peru, Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Morocco, and the United Kingdom.

Student Life

It’s essential for students to engage with peers and in co-curricular activities that enhance relationships, leadership skills, hands-on experiences, and provide service opportunities. Business-related student organizations provide all of these things. Groups include the Analytics Club, American Advertising Federation, Entrepreneurs Club, and the Financial Management Association. Within these groups, Gabelli students compete and have won some business competitions on the regional and national levels like the National Analytics Competition, Fed Challenge, and the National Student Advertising Competition.

As experiential learning is of high priority, Gabelli provides many other ways students can gain hands-on experience. Almost every student completes an internship during their time at the University. In the Stoico Financial Service Center, students use high-tech financial programs and analytical software for research and problem-solving. They have access to real-time financial data in the Bloomberg Technology Lab. The Center for Advanced Financial Education (CAFÉ) is similar to a trading floor with the latest resources, real-time ticker, work areas, and training in securities analysis. Within the CAFÉ, students oversee and manage the Gabelli Value Fund and the CAFÉ Growth Fund. The Community Partnerships Center allows students to engage in community projects like creating a job training program, renovation plans, research state housing, creating a business plan for a Community Arts Center, and business consulting to help local organizations find success.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?