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The College of Business and Entrepreneurship at North Greenville University exists to aid students in understanding what God’s Word says about business-related subjects. Students can expect to learn such lessons as to how to treat people, build leaders, serve others, solve problems, create active organizational cultures, manage resources, view money, articulate mission statements, execute with excellence, and develop strategic plans. The business school believes that business and entrepreneurship provide ample opportunity for all types of people to learn, achieve, grow, take risks, and use their God-given talents and gifts to reach their full professional potential, support themselves and their families, and become exactly what God wants them to be.

Fifteen full-time faculty employees and several part-time staff members contribute their service and leadership to the College of Business and Entrepreneurship. Each staff member is a gifted teacher and committed Christian who feels called to serve the student body of North Greenville University. The business school’s staff works to advance the Kingdom of God through every teaching, scholarship, mentoring, and service activity it performs.


The College of Business and Entrepreneurship offers the student body of North Greenville University excellent undergraduate and graduate programs in business. The bachelor’s programs include majors for traditional learners in Accounting, Marketing, Business Administration, and International Business, as well as an online program in Business and Leadership for adult distance learners. The Master of Business Administration is designed as a 36-hour program that has a classroom, online, and hybrid options depending on the graduate student’s needs. The MBA also features a specialization in Human Resources.

Student Life

There are several top-notch student organizations offered by the business school. Phi Beta Lambda is offered as a nationally-accredited business organization at North Greenville. The student organization works to promote robust and aggressive business influencers. To help encourage the transition from college into a career, the business school invites speakers to host meetings and execute workshops. Business students get to hear firsthand from thriving entrepreneurs, network with area business leaders, and explore a multitude of careers in business. The PBL also competes as a club in Homecoming events where group members build a float, put on a skit, and often participate in games.

The North Greenville University Student Marketing Association is another popular organization that exists to equip members with learning and connections that aid their professional careers. Members of this student-led organization are exposed to a variety of marketing career opportunities through speakers, field trips, and workshops. All students are welcome to this group.

Online Programs

North Greenville University’s College of Business and Entrepreneurship currently offers online, on-campus, and virtual class options that provide adults with an appropriate learning environment. Online degrees give students the chance to shape their educational experience that fits their lives and learning styles. All online business students are enrolled in the leadership and management emphasis. Specializations within this major include Small Business Management/ Entrepreneurship, Internship, Consumer Behavior, Applied Leadership, Organizational Behavior, and Salesmanship. The 36-hour MBA program at NGU is intended to help develop trained and skilled business leaders who will immediately make a difference in business leadership. The program sets students apart by providing them with training in all areas of business crucial for managers and executives.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?