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Johnson & Wales University’s College of Business effectively integrates experiential learning, community engagement, and leadership opportunities throughout every degree program. They believe students must receive as much hands-on, in-person, real-life practice actively working out their academic knowledge to best prepare for success when they graduate. The CoB values integrity, inclusivity, diversity, sustainability, stewardship, and ethical principles to lead students in making an effective global impact.


An enormous amount of degrees exist for undergraduate students. They can pursue a Bachelors in Business Studies, Finance, Marketing, Advertising & Marketing Communications, Fashion Merchandising & Retailing, Food & Beverage Entrepreneurship, or Accounting. They can also pursue a Bachelors in Business Administration degree in Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Operations & Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship, or International Business. Graduate students can obtain an MBA with a variety of concentration options. These options include Event Leadership, Information Security/Assurance, Nonprofit Management, Organizational Leadership, Information Technology, or Sports Leadership. There is also a program where the MBA can be completed in just one year. For those not interested in the MBA program, there is a Masters in Finance and a Masters in Human Resource Management degree option as well.

Students can extend their education overseas by joining a study abroad course, program, or internship in places like Chile, Iceland, Argentina, Japan, Spain, Morocco, and Australia.

Student Life

There are a variety of activities, including student clubs and organizations, at each campus for business student involvement in building skills, relationships, engagements, and a professional network. These groups include the Sports Management Club, Finance & Investment Academy, DECA, American Marketing Association, Fashion & Business Club, Entertainment Management Club, Diversifying American Business, and the Student Entrepreneurship Association. From adventure trips to the coastline to theme parks at different campuses, business students can find countless recreational, social, sports, and music events to round out their overall college experience.

Experiential Education & Career Services promotes the vitality of providing opportunities for students to receive career preparation resources and a variety of experiential learning activities. This department helps business students through advising, mock interviews, resume assistance, career fairs, networking events, interview appointments, skills assessment and development, career workshops, and job search tools. It also helps connect students with beneficial internships for hands-on work experience. The Global Learning Distinction boosts transcripts that can be very impressive on a resume and involve earning “points” when students participate in international study abroad or internships, global classes, certain community involvement activities, multicultural events, and Leadership Development Experiences.

Online Programs

A wide variety of online business programs exist to help students anywhere obtain an affordable education. There is an online Associates in Business Administration and more than 15 online Bachelors degrees, including Entrepreneurship, Advertising & Marketing Communication, International Business, and Digital Marketing & Social Media. Graduate students can receive an online Masters in Finance, Nonprofit Management, or an MBA with most of the concentrations available online as well. The Doctor of Business Administration degree is offered online only.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?