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IACBE, Higher Learning Commission

The College of Business at Indiana Tech fosters leadership, versatility, understanding, and diversity woven together with foundational business principles and a life full of learning and growing. They strive to best prepare graduates to succeed in the challenging, competitive business industry. All of the IACBE-accredited business programs are taught by caring, driven, student-focused, expert faculty members who actively engage in research, community events, and the success of every student. The College of Business aligns with the university’s values of respect, honesty, commitment, passion, and integrity.


An enormous amount of degrees await potential business students at Indiana Tech. There are Associates degrees in Accounting and Business Administration. Bachelor degree students can major in Accounting; Fashion Marketing & Management; Organizational Leadership; and Business Administration in Healthcare Administration, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Business Communications, Entrepreneurial Studies. Graduate students can receive a Masters in Management, Organizational Leadership, or in Business Administration with concentrations in Accounting, Healthcare Management, Human Resources, Management, Marketing, and Project Management. Doctoral students can earn a Ph.D. in Global Leadership. The College of Business provides ways for students to accelerate their education through the 3 to Degree where a Bachelors degree can be earned in just three years. The 4 to More program is where a student can earn a Bachelors and Masters degree with only one additional year total. Every year, during spring break, all students have the opportunity to explore an international destination like Spain, Greece, London, Ireland, Italy, or Eastern Europe for just the experience or optional school credit.

Student Life

Many student organizations exist to educate, network, build relationships and serve the community. Business-specific groups include the Society for Human Resource Management and Sigma Beta Delta, an honor society. Other interest groups include the Black Student Alliance, Gaming Society, Chi Alpha Student Ministry, Multicultural Club, Saudi Student Union, and Student Ambassadors. The Presidents’ Council and the Student Executive Board serve the student organizations and help keep them on course. The Office of Student Success offers advising, peer tutoring, study skills instruction, services for disabilities, and anything needed to help the student succeed. A great way to engage, motivate, and challenge students is through academic competitions like the Speech & Debate Competition, HR Games, Cyber Defense, and Marketing contests.

Online Programs

An excellent way for anyone, from a stay-at-home parent to a working professional, to earn a college degree is through online learning. Tech offers several online options for business students. Undergraduates can pursue an online Associates or Bachelors in both Accounting and Business Administration. The online BBA concentrations are in Business Communications, Entrepreneurial Studies, Financial Services, Healthcare Administration, Human Resources, Management, Management Information Systems, and Marketing. The online graduate degree options are the same as on-campus, but without the MBA in Project Management.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?