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Greenville University was founded in 1892 and is affiliated with the Free Methodist Church. Briner School of Business offers students Christ-center business training, experience-based curriculum, and a dynamic education designed to prepare students to succeed in the business world as CEOs or as entrepreneurs. Briner meets a high quality of standards and is accredited by the IACBE. The SoB acquired its name from Bob Briner, an Emmy award-winning sports broadcaster and highly acclaimed author who contributed his business success to his Christian values.


Undergraduate degrees in Accounting, Agribusiness, Business Management, and Marketing are a great starting point for Briner students. An entire course is devoted to Business Case Studies, and an Entrepreneurship Capstone is also a key component of the business programs. Students majoring in Accounting, Business Management, or Marketing can take advantage of the 3 Year Degree Program, helping students shave off as much as 25% in tuition, fees, and room and board. This program still has the same credit hour requirements, so students should be capable of carrying a heavier fall and spring load, as well as taking summer and mini-course sessions. Accounting majors can pursue the Management or Public Accountant track. The CPA exam is a required component for those on the Public Accountant path. Business Administration students can take electives in the area of Advertising or Agribusiness. Entrepreneurial lab exercises and market simulations bring real-world learning into the classroom.

Student Life

Students not only add a degree to their resume but a wealth of practical experience. Through the Experience First program, students are able to spend a full semester working with businesses on real-world tasks. As a culminating project, students present to college faculty and business partners what they learned during their experience. Students helped Eckert’s Family Farms generate more business during the winter months by incorporating an ice-skating rink as an attraction for guests. Greenville Smart initiative allows students to grow the local economy. GU has received over $1 million in grants to build a three-story building specifically for the Smart program. The space will be utilized to help the rural community have access to cooking demonstrations, professional development, camps for kids, and cultural events. The Faith and Work seminar features Executive panel Q&A sessions and business guest speakers.

Online Programs

Undergraduate students may complete their degree in Business Management fully online. Graduate students have the convenient option of joining the online community to earn a Master of Business Administration or Master of Science in Management. Both graduate programs can be completed in approximately two years, but students have the flexibility to take a semester off if needed or to take one class at a time, which would extend the program. A newly added accelerated MBA puts students on the fast track to success with a one-year completion pace. Students are able to apply new skills to their current careers directly, and both programs feature a capstone action research project. The capstone research project involves interviewing business professionals and developing business case studies.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?