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The School of Business Administration at Fort Lewis College exists to provide the College’s business students with personalized and diverse learning experiences. The business school touts smaller class sizes and instructors who know students on a first-name basis; this allows close professional relationships to be formed. Professors are encouraged to speak directly with students and promote an open-door atmosphere. Course leaders are enthusiastic about giving guidance to undergraduate and graduate students about classroom projects. Professors take a deep professional interest in the academic success of the School of Business Administration students.

The faculty of the School of Business Administration is highly qualified. Most course instructors hold Ph.D.’s and have years of business and educational experience. Fort Lewis’ business school faculty is engaged in scholarly endeavors. The staff’s activity of identifying and addressing important economic and trade issues through discovery, implementation, and application, leads to a productive learning environment for students. The teacher-scholar model utilized by the business school encourages inquiry that develops into innovations that address matters of interest to students and the business community at large.


Students at the undergraduate and graduate level will find high-quality programs in the areas of Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Digital Marketing, Economics, Entrepreneurship & Small Business, Marketing, and Ski Resort Operations within the School of Business Administration. One unique program offered at the College is the Applied Entrepreneurship class with the Franchise Venture Program focus that combines a course in entrepreneurship with a student competition that includes the opportunity to own and maintain a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (RMCF) store. This unique course is open to all Fort Lewis College students with senior standing.

Student Life

The School of Business Administration holds an annual banquet that brings together the school’s students, community members, alumni, and faculty. The event acts as an essential professional development activity for students, many of whom will have the chance to meet and interact with leaders in the business community for the very first time. The school values the partnership with its business community members and looks forward to working with them as they grow their business and the local economy.

The business school also holds an event each January that presents researchers about the state and deals with economic affairs in the region, the State of Colorado, and the United States. Students, local business leaders, and faculty come together for a time of presentations and discussion. This event is perfect for business school students, yet is open to the public.

Online Programs

With incredible advances in technology in today’s marketplace, a lot of the tools needed for a successful marketing venture are already at business students’ fingertips. The key is to figure out how to use them and make sense of the data. The School of Business Administration’s Digital Marketing Certificate has been designed to elevate a business student’s existing knowledge and give her the essential skills required to attract and retain customers in today’s internet-driven market. Students enrolled in this program will develop digital marketing knowledge in the areas of search engine optimization (SEO), web analytics, email marketing, and content marketing. This course is offered through hybrid classes both online and on campus.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?