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The School of Business at Florida Memorial University is committed to offering students a world-class education through high-quality degrees and the chance to gain hands-on experience. The business school’s staff and faculty are committed to practicing the institution’s focus on excellence and growth. As a result, they periodically assess, upgrade, and improve the curriculum. The business school offers a wide variety of majors and minors to equip students for careers in business and other sectors of society.


Degree programs at FMU include a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Science in Finance, a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, a Florida Memorial University/FIU Hospitality Management Program, and an MBA. The Bachelor of Science in Accounting prepares undergraduate students for professional careers in governmental accounting, public accounting, and private industry accounting. The degree also prepares students for graduate schools and programs. FMU’s Business Administration degree centers on management studies. Program designers formed the curriculum to lead students toward an integrated philosophy of modern management, creative problem solving, theory and practice, management in a changing global environment, and the changing nature of management.

The Finance degree equips students with significant conceptual and practical skills of financial management, while also helping to develop their analytical, communication, and decision-making abilities. Requiring 122 semester hours, the Marketing program offers students an understanding of the fundamental processes and structures of marketing. It aids them in developing the ability to analyze and counteract marketing issues. The purpose of the Florida Memorial University/FIU Hospitality Management degree is to provide students with the chance to complete the Hospitality Management or M.S. Degree in Hotel and Food Service Management from FIU along with the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Florida Memorial University.

Student Life

Student clubs and organizations play a vital role at Florida Memorial in helping students become productive citizens in a society that functions through decision-making and problem-solving. Each club and organization is a component of the energy that helps students and improves the university’s quest for quality in service and education to humankind. Undergraduate and graduate students within the various organizations develop a sense of care and concern in communities that emphasize these values. Clubs and organizations include Bahamian Connection, Delta Sigma Theta, Honors Council, Lions for Justice, and Women of Character.

Online Programs

The online courses at FMU offer students the opportunity to attend classes at their convenience at any time and any place. In online courses, the instructor and students are connected through the internet. Using this network system, they can receive instruction, discuss issues, compose and work through assignments, ask questions of other students and the instructor, and actively participate in the class all from their office, home, or the nearest campus computer lab. Three online courses currently offered at Florida Memorial University include Dynamical Systems, Ordinary Differential Equations, and Numerical Analysis.

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Ready to start your journey?