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The Robert W. Plaster School of Business at Columbia College is named after a hard-working entrepreneur who founded the Empire Gas Corporation and Evergreen Investments, LLC. In honor of Robert W. Plaster, the school values quality, innovation, motivation, dedication, affordability, flexibility, creativity, curiosity, diversity, global perspective, and ethical standards. They take pride in offering small class sizes with focuses, individual attention from caring, and expert faculty members. Classes can be taken at one of more than 30 locations across the country, in the evenings in Columbia, or online. In any delivery method, students are assured of receiving an excellent higher education that will set them up for great success in the corporate world.


Undergraduate Business Administration students can major in Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare Management, Human Resources Management, International Business, Management, or Marketing. Students can pursue a minor in most of the same areas as the majors, but also Computer Information Systems and Economics. The college has a generous transfer policy, up to 90 hours of credit, that makes the transition much easier for transfer students than many other schools. A unique advantage to Columbia College is that they reward students for appropriate military training, work hours, or licensing with academic credit. This applies to transfer students also. Many people need financial assistance to be able to gain a higher education. There are numerous scholarships available to students who have specific needs or have obtained great achievements. There is also aid specifically for military personnel, international students, and other groups. Last year, Columbia College awarded millions of dollars in scholarships.

Student Life

Getting involved in students organizations is a great way to grow in the overall educational experience, build personal connections, and even to network with professionals. Specific business organizations at Columbia are Sigma Beta Delta and Collegiate DECA. From the first day at the Robert W. Plaster School of Business through to graduation and even afterward, students receive online access to top-notch assistance, guidance, and advice about degrees, classes, career preparations, and even free tutoring. As the School of Business challenges students to be creative with new business ideas and ventures, it has the Fishman Center for Entrepreneurship to guide them. This center helps develop and explore these ideas through mentorship, classes, workshops, influence from local professional business leaders, and finding entrepreneurial internships. A way to motivate students is through the Student Pitch Competition where they can, individually or as a team, pitch a new business idea. This is for undergraduates and graduates, and the winner receives $10,000.

Online Programs

Online degree options are incredibly valuable to many different people in different seasons of life. The School of Business offers their Master of Business Administration degree entirely online through many of their locations. The only exception is that some of the sites possibly will require a mix of in-person sessions and online coursework.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?