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The School of Management at Cambridge College centers all of its efforts around preparing graduate students for advancement and career success in today’s marketplace. They focus on enhancing competent leadership and management skills through the rigorous curriculum, advanced instruction, and experiential learning opportunities. Cambridge’s values of excellence, diversity, access, innovation, and collaboration are woven throughout the coursework. Students are prepared to be effective vessels of change in worldwide organizations.


The School of Management offers an Accelerated Bachelors to Master of Business Administration degree path, which allows students pursuing a Bachelors in General Management, Managerial Accounting, and Health Care Management to obtain their Bachelors degree and Masters degree in just five years. Graduate students also have the option to pursue a Masters in Business Administration, a Health Care MBA, or a Masters in Management degree. Concentration options throughout the different Masters degrees include Business Analytics, Marketing, Health Care Informatics, Human Resource Management, Information Technology Management, Non-Profit Management, Organizational Leadership, and Health Care Management. Certificates programs are available in Business, Health Care Management, Information Technology Management, Organizational Leadership, Health Care Informatics, Non-Profit & Public Management, and Small Business Development.

Qualifying students can receive scholarships like the F.B. Reed Scholarship, Cambridge College Enrollment Scholarship, Carl F. Barron Scholarship, and the Henry Hampton Scholarship. Graduate students can also partake in the Work-Study Program. In this program, students can earn money towards their education in turn for being a mentor, tutor, run after school programs, and many other community service opportunities.

Student Life

The Office of Academic Affairs facilitates academic planning, reviewing, and coaching to assist students along their educational path. The Center for Excellence in Learning & Teaching exists to oversee the improvement of teaching styles and the learning environment. Adult learners can also experience community and opportunities to grow both personally and academically through the array of student events and activities outside of the classroom. The Center for Career & Professional Development not only connects employers with qualified students but connects students with a variety of career services. Personal sessions through the career center assist with resumes, personal branding, networking strategies, cover letters, navigating social media, utilizing mentors, and professional development training. As an alumnus, Cambridge provides many ways to keep you connected to fellow alumni and the College. Alumni also provide many professional connections for current students. Cambridge is mostly ethnically diverse in student population and is also military friendly in how they provide resources to solidify military students’ success.

Online Programs

Online education allows so many more people to obtain a degree of higher education. Working professionals, stay-at-home parents, those with travel and other obligations cannot attend classes regularly on a college campus. The School of Management provides a fully online Master of Business Administration and a Health Care MBA degree.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?