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Mounting evidence overwhelmingly suggests that earning a college-level academic degree is the single most influential factor that ensures a reliable path towards a rewarding career, and exceptional economic results. Check out some reasons it is a good idea to select from of the many affordable online colleges in the state in which you reside:

  • Many students studying online have yet to decide upon their final degree, which allows for them to begin studying for a degree by completing the core curriculum. Online colleges by state also allow students to easily transfer to the more traditional school, without having to leave home. 
  • Online (and even most traditional schools) degree programs generally tend to have reduced tuition costs (sometimes significantly lower) and general expenses for attending one of the best accredited online colleges.
  • Beginning to study for an online degree permits those students who are not ready to live on campus, to begin studying at home. That is, until when, and if they choose to transfer to an on-campus academic arrangement. 
  • Those who live nearby or within a specific state generally have a comprehensive understanding as to the pros and cons of attending one of the online colleges by state. 

Why State Colleges and Public Universities are a Good Investment

Public universities, as a general rule, tend to offer a large and wide variety of degree programs, certificate programs, and advanced degree programs, to name a few. 

Public universities often have larger and have a wider variety of majors and degree options.  State Colleges, on the other hand, are typically organized into small schools or colleges. They provide the same level of preparation for a career or graduate school; the differences are more a matter of preference than quality.

Public universities and state colleges are often the perfect place to launch a young adult’s academic path to a rewarding career. 

State and community colleges, and affordable online colleges are very often the re-launching pad for those who wish to change their careers paths at some point after they have already established a career. This also includes a worker who has been unexpectedly displaced and the many people who choose to never stop learning, as they are lifelong learners with an insatiable curiosity. 

Some of the best accredited online colleges that are state-funded provide academic services and options to first-generation college students, as well as those students who are from lower-income families. In this way, a state college or public institution of higher learning is a viable pathway of upward mobility. 

State and community colleges, as well as public universities, operate with an intention to serve local and regional communities. The presence of a public university and state college typically meets the needs of the local/regional area where the university’s campus is located. 

Public Universities & State Colleges’ Return-on-Investment (ROI) has been shown to exceed that of a private university or college.

Most potential students and the public mistakenly believe that a private institution of higher learning will provide the best Return-on-Investment (ROI), which essentially translates to a higher yearly compensation package. This line of thinking extends to online public universities and colleges. 

The reason for state colleges and public universities to hold the greater ROI is that these affordable online colleges require a reduced upfront investment in terms of the reduced tuition and expenses (i.e. room & board, book, etc.) required to attend one of the best accredited online colleges in your state or across the country. 

How to Pick a Good Online College

Deciding to earn an academic degree from a quality, affordable online colleges is essentially the most important factor when seeking to prepare for a rewarding career. It is accomplished by choosing to attend one of the best accredited online colleges available. 

The right degree program that is offered by accredited affordable online colleges is a flexible and convenient option and alternative to attending an on-campus traditional college degree program. The best accredited online colleges provide distance learning platforms that offer asynchronous classes that are available 24 hours per day, from anywhere across the globe. 

Accreditation is Key

The best accredited online schools have received accreditation from an industry-sanctioned accreditation oversight agency. An accredited school has voluntarily opened their doors and curriculum to an independent party’s evaluative processes. 

Additionally, online colleges by state and online public universities and colleges will also be able to demonstrate and document a history of educating and placing program graduates with great fitting positions within their career of choice. 

The best accredited online colleges will also demonstrate acceptable retention rates — that is the percentage of students who choose to attend the degree program after their freshman year has been completed. Most industry pundits concur that a school’s retention rate is as equally important to determining a school program’s potential, as the school’s graduation rate. 

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Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?