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NFL Players With Graduate Degrees

The contributors of The College Consensus are sports fanatics. With the Super Bowl coming up we thought we would combine our two passions of sports and education.  Here are some notable current and former NFL players with graduate degrees.  Please write a comment naming other NFL players with graduate degrees that did not make this list.

Mark Adickes, former Offensive Line, Washington Redskins 
M.D., Harvard Medical School
Mark Adickes was an All-American lineman at Baylor where he received his B.A. in Marketing and Management. He spent a few years in the NFL winning a Super Bowl with the Redskins.  After the NFL, Adickes went to Harvard Medical School where he received his M.D. He is currently an Orthopedic Surgeon in Houston, TX. Adickes is an Assistant Professor at University of Texas Medical School and he hosts a TV show about sports medicine called “Athlete 360.”

Robert Griffin III, Quarter Back, Baylor University
M.A. Communication, Baylor (Pending)
Ok, I’m cheating here. RG3 hasn’t been drafted yet. Furthermore, he hasn’t finished his graduate degree. However, the man finished his B.A. in three years while maintaining a 3.76 G.P.A. He will undoubtedly finish his M.A. in Communication soon. Let’s face it, this is RG3’s year. He carried a typically subpar Baylor team to a 10-3 season, won the Heisman Trophy and he is brilliant. The list wouldn’t be complete without him.

Pat Haden, former Quarter Back, Los Angeles Rams
J.D., Loyola Law School, Rhodes Scholar
As far as I can tell, there are only three Rhodes Scholarship recipients who played in the NFL. Haden is one of them. Haden played QB at USC where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. He also has a B.A. in Economics from Oxford University and a Jurist Doctor from Loyola Law School. Haden is currently the Athletic Director at USC.

David R. Klingler, former Quarter Back, Cincinnati Bengals
Th.M.,  Dallas Theological Seminary
Ph.D.,  Dallas Theological Seminary
David Klingler was a standout college QB for the University of Houston. He still holds the NCAA record for the most passing yards in a game (716). He spent most of his NFL career as a back-up QB for the Bengals, Raiders, and Packers. After the NFL, Klingler went to Dallas Theological Seminary where he received a Th.M. and a Ph.D. with an emphasis in Old Testament Studies. He is currently a professor of Old Testament and the director of the seminary’s Houston branch.

Greg McElroy, Quarter Back, New York Jets
M.A. Sports Management, Alabama
Greg McElroy is best known for being the starting QB of Alabama when they beat the University of Texas in the BCS National Championship in ’09. He graduated from Alabama in three years with a degree in Marketing and a 3.86 G.P.A.  He recently finished his graduate degree in Sports Management. McElroy is on the Injured Reserve list of the Jets where Mark Sanchez is the starting QB.

Myron Rolle, Safety, free agent
M.S. Medical Anthropology, Oxford University, Rhodes Scholar
Myron Rolle was a 3rd Team All-American safety at Florida State. He finished his B.A. in Exercise Science in 2.5 years with a 3.75 G.P.A. He made the national news when he turned down an opportunity to play in the NFL so that he could receive the Rhodes Scholarship and attend Oxford University. He returned from Oxford with his M.S. and was picked up by the Tennessee Titans. The Titans released him back in September. After the NFL, Rolle plans to become a medical doctor.

Byron White , former Running Back,  Detroit Lions
J.D., Yale Law School, Rhodes Scholar
Byron White was an All-American RB at Colorado. He won the Rhodes Scholarship.  After his time at Hertford College, Oxford, he played professional football.  He then went to Yale where he received his Jurist Doctor. White was accepted into the College Hall of Fame in 1954. In 1962, President John F. Kennedy appointed Byron White as an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Steve Young, former Quarter Back, San Francisco 49ers
J.D., Brigham Young University
Steve Young is by far the most successful NFL athlete on this list. He was the NFL MVP in ’92 and ’94. He was the MVP of the Super Bowl in ’94.  Young is in both the College Football Hall of Fame and the NFL Hall of Fame. Oh, and did I mention he has a Jurist Doctor degree from Brigham Young?

Honorable Mention:
Ryan Fitzpatrick, Quarter Back, Buffalo Bills
Fitzpatrick didn’t make it on the list because he doesn’t have a graduate degree.  However, the man scored a 1580 on the SAT when the highest score was still 1600.  He went on to play for Harvard and graduated with a degree in Economics. Now he is the starting QB for the Buffalo Bills.

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